The company of men

While on tour in Cyprus earlier in the month, choreographer Rachel Erdos was the only woman in the group for days on end. On flights, car rides, at dinnertime and in the studio, Erdos was literally surrounded by men, a situation she has grown quite comfortable with in recent months. The gentlemen in question are the six dancers of Erdos’s evening Black/White, which will run at Jerusalem’s Gerard Behar Center on Tuesday and at Jaffa’s Warehouse 2 next weekend. The performance includes two works – Hevel and The Man Upstairs.

Though the two works were inspired by different sources, they were created concurrently, sharing three dancers. In 2013, Erdos was invited to take part in two major festivals – the Ministry of Culture and Sport’s flagship dance event Curtain Up and the Jerusalem-based Between Heaven and Earth annual festival.


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