*The days and years of the Tichos*

A century ago in Jerusalem, there were already hospitals named Misgav Ladach, Bikur Cholim and Shaare Zedek, but the diseases that brought in masses of desperate patients were typhus, trachoma and cholera rather than today’s strokes, heart attacks and cancer. The Turks of the Ottoman Empire, and later the British, were in control and limiting Jewish immigration, and the State of Israel was only a dream of Theodor Herzl’s. Ben-Gurion, Ben-Yehuda, Ruppin, Weizmann, Balfour, Jabotinsky, Agnon and Allenby were not streets, avenues and squares but living people.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Health/The-days-and-years-of-the-Tichos-391744

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