Even though legendary rock band Dire Straits disbanded back in the ‘90s, a longtime member and a range of world class musicians have found a way to channel every ounce of spirit from the band’s prolific back catalogue into a thrilling show called The Dire Straits Experience.

The audience on Friday night had a chance to witness not only musicians who have played and recorded with the likes of Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart, but who were also undeniably delighted to be celebrating music whose heart never stopped beating even when the original band’s did.

Tribute shows without the original lead singer might discourage die-hards, but watching vocalist Terence Reis (and his countless guitar changes) strut about the stage calmly but confidently in place of Mark Knopfler was great enough for original member and saxophonist Chris White to grab the microphone and address the ecstatic crowd at the Amex Music Park.


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