‘The enemy of leftists worldwide’

Prof. Samuel Schneider, Hebrew literature researcher, historian and lecturer at Yeshiva University spoke to Arutz Sheva on Thursday about Republican frontrunner Donald Trump as he advances in his campaign for president of the United States.

While it is still early to say who will become the next president, or even to fully determine who will win the GOP and Democratic nominations, Schneider appraised that Trump definitely has good chances thanks to his efforts in building a coalition supporting him.

"Trump is working in a very cunning and clever way, he understood that in the US there is a wave of dissatisfaction with (Barack) Obama and that is certainly true. Especially among 'white collar workers' who are becoming a minority, members of the middle class who have felt defeated for the eight years of Obama."

According to the professor, those who are disappointed by Obama currently view Trump as a welcome change despite the real estate mogul's lack of political experience.

He said that the uproar Trump raised particularly early in his campaign, such as when he referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers, helped establish his image as someone unafraid of saying what the majority of his voters thinks.

"He goes against political correctness and is excellent at giving speeches. He is a sharp guy who knows how to attract his public. He's a showman…he says things everyone is afraid to say," said Schneider.

Trump spoke this week at the AIPAC conference in Washington, DC, and in his speech called Obama "the worst thing to happen to Israel," and likewise called Hillary Clinton a "total disaster."

Schneider said he completely agrees with Trump, adding that the Republican candidate gave a rousing speech and showed he knows which points to touch on in order to pull the American public and the nationalist camp in Israel after him.

While it is too early to say who will win, Schneider noted "the establishment wants to block him, I don't know if they'll succeed but they are doing all they can. Trump is completely independent and therefore he attacks all the trade treaties, trade deals that Obama made that destroyed the United States. "

"He promises to show the independence of the United States, and the American public is excited by the idea."

"Trump will be completely pro-Israeli, he is anti-Muslim," stated Schneider. "He understands that the international left is the number one source of anti-Semitism and currently also the main opponent of Trump."

The professor said that Trump "is sharp and has a thick hide, he is not insulted and he constantly attacks. And Hillary Clinton? As far as Israel, Hillary will not be good, she is the continuation of Barack Obama."

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/209858

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