The eternal rock & roll heart of Libi still beats strong

Amid the teen pop wannabes, the Mizrahi crooners and polished rockers sparring for recognition on this year’s Israeli version of the X-Factor, there is one contender who stands out.

Libi Hart – known for decades to a predominantly Anglo, music-loving audience in Israel as simply Libi – startled the judges, especially Rami Fortis who remembered the gravelly-throated blues-rock belter from their days rubbing shoulders at Tel Aviv punk clubs like the Penguin in the 1980s.

The years have not weakened the 63-yearold grandmother’s vocal prowess; she slammed through versions of tunes like “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)” and “Wild Horses.” She played the rock star to the hilt, and she maintains that persona offstage too, combining a Ramones-style New Yawk accent with a healthy dose of yiddishkeit and tenderness.


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