The light side of nuclear destruction

Dror Shaul’s latest movie, the comedy Atomic Falafel, asks the question: Can two 15-year-old girls, one in Israel and one in Iran, save the world from nuclear destruction? And, equally important to Shaul right now: Can Israelis laugh about this scenario? Speaking at a Tel Aviv restaurant days after the premiere of the film, Shaul said he is betting that the answer is yes.

An audacious publicity stunt – hanging a banner from a building overlooking Rabin Square saying that this would be the site of Iranian embassy in Tel Aviv – had been a big success, he said.

“The BBC in Iran had a report on it, they said, ‘why is there no initiative to build an Israeli embassy in Tehran?’” he said, laughing. He credits the idea for the banner to “my secret weapon,” advertising professional Sefi Shaked.


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