The maven of Maklubar

It was a lovely Thursday night, and I had to find the perfect place to take a friend who had arrived from London with great expectations. I wanted her to experience Tel Aviv’s nightlife, but she wanted have a taste of the famous “great food places.” Where could one find good local food that would also stand up to the London places she was used to? The pressure was on. Someone suggested Nir Tzuk’s restaurant, Maklubar, which just opened and served authentic Arab comfort food with a modern twist. That was it – an Israeli chef serving Arab cuisine in the heart of Tel Aviv. I quickly made a reservation.

Maklubar is celebrity chef Nir Tzuk’s newest addition to the Tel Aviv food scene. The restaurant aims to bring everything that we like about Arabic food with a modern chef’s restaurant twist, which Tzuk adds by creating his own versions of the traditional classics.


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