The murder in Tel Aviv: Twin sister suspected

Police described a "dramatic" twist in the investigation into the murder of an 18-year-old woman, whose body was found in an apartment building in Tel Aviv Thursday.

The young woman's twin sister and the sister's boyfriend are now suspects in the murder and have been taken in for interrogation.

The young woman's body was found in the hallway of the building in which she resides, on Simtat Neta street in the upscale Nahalat Yitzhak neighborhood.

Police said she had been stabbed to death.

Following an initial investigation of the scene of the crime, the police said that the murder was likely criminal and not a terror attack. They initially stated that the young woman left her house to answer a phone call and was stabbed to death on her doorstep, and that the suspect fled the area.

However, evidence found at the scene of the murder has reportedly cast suspicion on the sister and her boyfriend.

Neighbors had called the police emergency hot line and reported hearing people fighting and shouting at each other. The paramedics who arrived on the scene could do nothing to save the victim and pronounced her dead.


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