The Netherlands restores payments to Holocaust survivors

The Dutch government announced on Sunday that it had agreed to resume its monthly compensation payments to Dutch Holocaust survivors in Israel.

In February The Netherlands halted the monthly cash transfers to Jewish Holocaust survivors with Israeli citizenship, claiming that as Israeli citizens they were entitled to support from Israel, and that under Dutch law, double payments are forbidden.

The decision by The Netherlands to reverse its earlier decision came following a personal appeal by Finance Committee Chairman MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism). Gafni met with the Dutch Ambassador to Israel, Gilles Beschoor Plug, imploring the Dutch government to consider a request by Holocaust Survivors Rights Authority Director Ofra Ross that the benefits be restored.

Avraham Roet, a member of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors and himself a Dutch Holocaust survivor, expressed his thanks to both MK Gafni and Ross for ensuring that benefits were renewed.

During a meeting of the Finance Committee on Sunday, Gafni praised Plug and the Dutch government for the decision to continue supporting Holocaust survivors.

“[They’re] making the right decision, recognizing the importance of the payments to the survivors and not letting bureaucracy interfere with practical and moral considerations."

Approximately 600 Dutch Holocaust survivors live in Israel.


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