The road to ‘Cafe Nagler’

It started out being a film about a cafe and turned into a film about memory and how important family myths are to us,” said Mor Kaplansky, the co-director (with her husband, Yariv Barel) of Cafe Nagler, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and which is showing at the Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Herzliya cinematheques and other venues throughout the country.

Kaplansky grew up hearing stories from her grandmother, acclaimed documentary director/producer Naomi Kaplansky, about Cafe Nagler, a Berlin cafe owned by Mor’s great-grandparents. Feeling that her grandmother was subtly asking her to find out more, Kaplansky headed off to Berlin to make a movie about the cafe. In the end, the film tells a very different but no less compelling story than the one she set out to report.


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