The stories behind the keepsakes

Nothing could have possibly prepared Moshe Domb, a Jewish soldier who enlisted in the Lithuanian division of the Red Army, for the harrowing sights that awaited him when he returned.

“In bunkers we found the burnt bodies of Jews. We found remnants of photographs, kitchen utensils, broken furniture…
[here and there] we found a Jewish child or woman who had miraculously survived,” he wrote in a letter after the war. Upon seeing what he believed to be the end of Jewish life in Europe, he wrote, “We have already lost the war, no Jews are left in Europe, there is no hope of finding any of our family.”

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, Yad Vashem has put together “Fighting for Freedom,” an online exhibition displaying the artifacts and mementos of these Jewish soldiers who fought among the Allied forces.


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