The Struggle for Citizenship: How it All Began

This week, Rabbi Adler returns to a show from over a year ago, because the interview with attorney Alyza Lewin has returned to the forefront of today's news. 

The US Supreme Court finally ruled about what we were discussing in the show. 

Nearly 12 years ago, Menachem Zivotovsky, an American citizen, was born in Jerusalem. The parents expected that his passport would indicate he was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and have been fighting to have that designation ever since. 

Attorney Alyza Lewin fought the case all the way to the Supreme Court, and during the show she explains the case, and why they were hopeful they would win.

Unfortunately, in a 6-3 decision this morning, they lost. Part of the 6 were the 3 Jewish justices. 

When you read the headlines about this decision, listen and hear the background from the attorney. 

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