Theater review: White Nights

This is an intelligent, arresting and ultimately touching production of short stories in five scenes by Dostoevsky concerning two young people who meet over five “white nights” in St. Petersburg, that restless time of year when day never quite meets night.

He, a lonely, insecure, shy, socially inept young man known only as The Dreamer (Amit Gil), meets Her, aka Nastinka (Noa Lapidot), equally lonely, but intelligent, intuitively compassionate and as utterly egotistical as only a woman can be. They are soul mates forever, says Nastinka, but he mustn’t fall in love with her because her heart is irretrievably given to the Tenant (Shahar Pollak). Of course The Dreamer does just that, but he doesn’t mind the heartache when she’s wed to the love of her life because his love has enriched him, and as he passionately exclaims at the end, “a moment of supreme happiness is worth an entire life.”


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