They came to watch the bridge explode

Judging by the pre-game hype in the national press, something akin to the moon landing or the planting of the flag on Iwo Jima took place in Tel Aviv Friday morning, as hundreds gathered in the center of town to see the iconic Maariv Bridge blown up and brought to Earth.

The situation on the ground at judgement hour didn’t live up to the hype though, but it was a carnival of sorts nonetheless.

Ori Benaim was sober as a priest on Carlebach Street in Tel Aviv at 5:30 am on Friday, when she said she thinks her children will learn about the demolition in history class 20 years from now. The 18-year-old came with three of her friends from Pardes Katz just to see the demolition, and according to Benaim “we all got dressed up for this and took pictures before and we’ll take some after. This is history.”


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