Third ISIS bomber remains at large in Brussels

As Belgium on Wednesday morning marked 24 hours since Tuesday's horrific bombings in the EU capital city of Brussels, security forces are continuing a frantic search for the third terrorist who took part in the lethal attacks at Zaventem Airport.

A full 34 people were murdered and around 250 wounded in the twin blasts at the airport Tuesday morning, as well as in another explosion an hour later at Maalbeek metro station, located right near the EU headquarters. Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the slaughter.

Belgium is currently holding three days of mourning, and a minute of silence will be held on Wednesday at midday.

In light of the tense security situation, the US State Department has warned US citizens regarding the "potential risks" of travel in Europe.

The State Department said in a statement that terror groups are planning "near-term attacks throughout Europe, targeting sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants and transportation."

Police currently are engaged in an intensive manhunt, trying to track down a man caught on security cameras together with the two suicide bombers at the airport.

He was seen wearing light-colored clothes and a hat while walking with the two who were dressed in black, as all three pushed baggage carts. The two are thought to have detonated explosions in the airport's departure lounge.

Investigators say the third terrorist likely planted a bomb at the airport and then left, although his explosive failed to detonate.

"The third man left a bomb in the airport, but it didn't explode. …And we are now looking for this guy," Belgium's Interior Minister Jan Jambon said.

All three men were caught on security cameras exiting a taxi and walking through the airport according to two US officials cited by CNN. The third terrorist left the airport shortly afterwards, which the officials said appears to have been a pre-planned move.

A lead in the search came from the taxi driver who took the suspects to the airport. He contacted police after seeing the CCTV images, and told them where he picked the three up, according to the US officials.

Based on that information authorities raided an apartment in Schaerbeek, a suburb of Brussels to the northeast, where they found a nail bomb, chemical products, and an ISIS flag.

Their search in the building continued for hours, but it remains to be seen if any thread to track down the elusive bomber was unearthed.


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