This week on the small screen

A short Israeli documentary film for children, Someone Like Me, will be aired on Channel 1 on July 9 at 4 p.m. The film is part of an international series of films for children, Challenges, which is sponsored by the European Broadcasting Union.

These films are meant for children 10 to 13 and deal with problems they face and learn to overcome.

Directed by Yossi Revach, Someone Like Me (which will also be screened at the Tel Aviv International Children’s Film Festival on July 8 at noon at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque) is about a red-headed girl named Ofri who lives in Kibbutz Gezer and becomes worried that redheads are headed for extinction. To help prevent this, she tries to organize a redheads’ convention. This charming film will be fun for both children and adults.


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