This week on TV

We’re still at the end of the summer in terms of television programming.

A large number of the best series are coming back in early October, as if US and British television networks had decided to hold off on the new seasons until after the holidays. The Good Wife, Masters of Sex, Homeland and The Walking Dead are among the series that won’t be back until next month.

A few shows are starting a little earlier. The fifth season of Scandal starts airing on HOT 3 and HOT VOD on September 27, just three days after its US premiere. The intricately plotted show, which stars the glamorous Kerry Washington as DC fixer extraordinaire Olivia Pope, ended its fourth season with a shocking – and thrilling – finale. Producers have hinted that an important new character, who will play a member of Olivia’s team, will be introduced this season but have not revealed any further details.


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