Timing of gas report irrelevant, says consultant

State Comptroller Joseph Shapira’s Monday report tearing into the politics of the natural gas sector was a “Hail Mary pass” to change the way policy is made. The question remains whether the report, which reaffirmed widely recognized deficiencies in the industry’s development, could actually make a substantial difference.

Shapira lambasted the failure of the country’s various regulators to coordinate natural gas policy, which has led to a situation in which Israel has only one gas supplier, one gas pipeline, no backup storage, and no new development in sight. The state comptroller also stressed the need for gas price supervision, demanding that the government evaluate a variety of means to ensure a competitive market.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Politics-And-Diplomacy/Timing-of-gas-report-irrelevant-says-consultant-409634

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