Toddler falls into pool, is in serious condition

A three-year-old girl is unconscious and receiving artificial respiration in Barzilai Hospital after falling into a private pool in Sderot.

Magen David Adom medics and paramedics were alerted to the location and immediately began carrying out resuscitation techniques. They then evacuated her to Barzilai Hospital in serious condition.

Paramedics Maxim Nizri and Kelly Peretz said: “When we arrived at the location, we found the family members performing basic resuscitation while receiving instructions over the phone from the medics at the MDA call center.

“We gave advanced medical treatment and carried out life-saving operations including massages, respiration and medication, until the pulse returned. Then, while continuing to administer medical treatment, we evacuated the toddler to hospital while she was unconscious and under artificial respiration, and her situation is defined as serious and stable.”


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