Top Candidate for Police Commissioner: Anti-Terror ‘Mastermind’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu approved the publication of the name of one of the prime candidates for the Chief of Police on Sunday: Roni Alshich, deputy head of the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet). Alshich is a father of seven and grandfather of seven and a resident of Givat Shmuel. 

Alshich, 52, previously lived in several locations in Binyamin (Samaria). Alshich has been deeply involved in the ISA's war on terror, and is considered a "mastermind" of the organization. During his IDF service, he served in the Paratroopers' Brigade and commanded several units. 

Alshich has a BA and MA in Political Science from the University of Haifa and Tel Aviv, as well as an MA in Criminology from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

The ISA deputy chief has received an endorsement from Avi Naim, chairman of the local authority security council, head of the Beit Aryeh regional council in Samaria and a former member of ISA; he was handpicked for the position by Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan. 


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