Top cop from another planet

It takes no Sherlock Holmes to locate the symptoms of the Israel Police’s disease, and no Gregory House to diagnose this agency as gravely ill.

The scandal-ridden guardian of our streets, highways, borders, and social hygiene has been humbled by a continuum of probes, resignations and dismissals checkered with tales of sexual misconduct and associations with felons later punctuated by its top fraud investigator’s suicide.

Faced with this broken inheritance, and staring at a poll that stated the obvious – that 70 percent of Israelis distrust their police – Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan decided to take the bull by the horns and import a top cop from another planet; one who would bring the cops a gospel of renewal, unorthodoxy, sophistication and idealism; a military man who would reboot the ossified establishment, whose ailments have been experienced firsthand by thousands of households.


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