Tourists leave Tunisia after attacker killed 39

The morning after a lone gunman killed at least 39 people at a beach resort in Tunisia, busloads of tourists headed to the nearby Enfidha-Hammamet airport on Saturday hoping to return to their home countries. The attack in the Tunisian resort of Sousse was the worst ever in the country and came just months after the March 18 massacre at the

national Bardo museum in Tunis that left 22 people dead, again mostly tourists. It is expected to deal a heavy blow to the country’s tourism industry, which accounts for nearly 15 percent if Tunisia’s gross domestic product. British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said a high proportion of the casualties is likely to be British and UK tour operator Thomas Cook was among the travel agents that started evacuating its customers from Tunisia Saturday. It said on Twitter it has arranged an additional plane to depart from Tunisia to fly home anyone wishing to leave.



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