Trump, Clinton projected to win New York primary

Donald Trump is projected to win the Republican primary in New York while Hillary Clinton is projected to win for the Democrats, CNN said Tuesday night, shortly after polls closed.

With the victory, Trump is moving closer to the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the GOP presidential nomination before the Republican National Convention.

If Trump tops the 50 percent mark statewide, he’ll take all 14 at-large delegates up for grabs, according to The Hill.

The remaining 81 delegates will be allocated based on the share of the vote in each of the state’s 27 congressional districts.

It’s still possible Trump could pull off a clean sweep of all 95 of New York’s delegates if he can finish above 50 percent in each congressional district or keep fellow candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich from reaching the 20 percent mark.

Cruz had claimed momentum heading into New York, running the table on delegates at state conventions in Wyoming and Colorado, where the elections take place over months and test a campaign’s operational strength.

Cruz had downplayed the billionaire businessman's win as little more than "a politician winning his home state," according to The Associated Press.

The Texas Senator left New York before the polls closed, turning his attention to Pennsylvania, where he delivered a speech calling on Americans to join together to move the country forward.


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