Trump, Clinton win big, Rubio drops out

Washington – Donald Trump scored victories Tuesday in three states, including the big-prize Florida, but lost Ohio to the state’s governor, John Kasich, as the billionaire continued to move ahead in his stunning campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Hillary

Clinton won four states, dealing a severe blow to Bernie Sanders’ bid to slow her march toward the Democratic nomination. Marco Rubio, the Florida senator who staked his once-promising campaign on winning in his home state, dropped out of the presidential race shortly after the polls closed. That leaves Kasich as the last true establishment candidate running against Trump and arch-conservative Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Trump, the brash and controversial reality TV star, has upended Republican politics by winning most of the state-by-state competitions for delegates who will choose the party’s nominee. He has seized on Americans’ anger with Washington politicians, discomfort with immigration and fears of terrorism, attracting voters with his blunt talk and simply worded promise to make America great again.



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