Trump ‘very supportive’ of daughter’s conversion to Judaism

Donald Trump’s “Jewish connection” has been raised numerous times during this year’s contentious GOP primary season. Trump’s Orthodox Jewish daughter, Ivanka, has found herself increasingly thrust into the limelight as her father looks to secure a majority in the upcoming New York Republican primary, thus sweeping the state’s 95 delegates.

But while Trump has made numerous references to his Jewish daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, little has been said about how Ivanka’s conversion to Judaism affected her father.

In a rare glimpse into the Trump family during a CNN town hall meeting, Ivanka Trump discussed her decision to convert to Judaism and her father’s reaction.

The town hall featured Trump’s wife and children, highlighting a side of the Republican frontrunner often overshadowed by his larger-than-life public persona.

During the question and answer session, Joseph Cohen, a Columbia University student, asked Ivanka about her decision to convert, and her father’s reaction.

Ivanka noted her reticence on the subject, calling it a “personal” issue, but emphasized her father’s support for her decision.

“Well, it's such a personal decision,” she said. “I tend not to talk about it in a public forum.  But my father was very supportive.  He knows me.  He knows and he trusts my judgment.  When I make decisions, I make them in a well-reasoned way.  I don't rush into things. So I appreciate the support he gave me, because obviously these decisions are not taken lightly.  And it would have been much more hard if I had had headwinds, but he believes in me.”  

She also noted the close relationship between her father and her husband, Jared Kushner. Kushner is often cited as one of Trump’s de facto advisors on Israel. Trump’s recent AIPAC speech was heavily influenced by Kushner’s advice to the GOP frontrunner, Reuters recently reported.

“He loves my husband.  They're incredibly close, which I think was obviously helpful.  And he has been very supportive of me in that decision, as in many others that I've taken throughout the years.”


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