Two Arrests Made over Tragic Chandelier Death

Two people have been arrested in Monday night's chandelier accident  on Wednesday, as part of an ongoing police investigation into the incident. 

The first suspect, a 56-year-old resident of Rehovot, was detained for questioning Wednesday morning after police linked him with the approval for construction work in the hall. 

Investigators searched his home and office and seized the suspect's computer and documents.

Wednesday night, after a lengthy investigation in the offices of suspected fraud unit Yavne causing death by negligence, the investigation team arrested the suspect. 

The second suspect arrested is a 43 year-old man from Or Yehuda who belongs to the professional team for the hall and is also suspected of being involved in the chandelier design. He was arrested on charges of criminal negligence. 

The two suspects will be taken tomorrow morning to a hearing to discuss extending their detention at the Rishon Lezion Magistrates Court.

Monday night's accident killed 54 year-old Aviva Hayon and injured 21 people. Some 800 people had flooded the hall at the time for a wedding. 

Earlier Wednesday, police revealed to Walla! News that four cables suspending the chandelier were torn all at once from their sockets. 

The entire fixture weighed 350 kilograms (771 lbs) without four engines attached to the structure (presumably to lower and raise the chandelier – ed.) and was kept aloft by four 6 mm (0.4 inches) cables attached to the engines. 

Police are closely examining the collapsed chandelier and a second one, which is still intact in the same hall, to determine whether a structural failure is to blame; both are one-of-a-kind, custom-made chandeliers – leading police to focus the investigation on the manufacturers and on contractors for the hall.  


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