Two Druze Indicted for Lynch Murder of Wounded Syrian

A 22-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman from Majdal Shams in northern Israel have been indicted for murdering a wounded Syrian and critically injuring another in late June.

A gag order on the developments in the case was lifted Monday.

The two are Amal Abu Salah and Bashira Muhammad, who were documented on video among the dozens of Druze who chased down a military ambulance that passed near Majdal Shams, took out the wounded Syrians and beat them wildly.

The ambulance had been carrying wounded Syrian refugees to care in Israel. Two IDF soldiers were lightly injured in the incident. All three injured were taken for medical treatment at the Ziv Hospital in Tzfat.

The incident was the second of its kind in 24 hours. A night earlier, residents of Horfesh, in the Galilee, attacked a military ambulance that passed near their town and which was carrying two people who were wounded in the Syrian civil war to a hospital.

The Druze suspected that the casualties were jihadists, who were fighting their Druze brethren in Syria, but IDF officials stressed that the two wounded Syrians who were in the ambulance were not members of Al-Nusra Front, the Syrian rebel group which is affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

A Druze mob armed with chains, metal bars, rocks and sticks awaited the ambulance as it passed through Majdal Shams and tried to block it, but failed. It drove on to Neveh Ativ, less than a mile away, where the mob caught up to it, and broke its windows. The Syrians were pulled through the broken windows and placed on the road.

Soldiers who were on the scene tried to fire in the air and threw a stun grenade at the mob, but the effect was very short-lived. The attackers hit the wounded repeatedly with planks, sticks, rocks and chains. A man bashed a wounded Syrian again and again with a plank. A woman threw a rock at one of the two wounded Syrians several times, in order to kill him.

Warning: video contains very disturbing images


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