Two ISIS Propaganda Filmmakers Killed in Iraq Airstrike

Two ISIS propaganda filmmakers were among "dozens" of Islamic State terrorists killed in an Iraqi government airstrike over the weekend, according to the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

A statement by the ministry, published by Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, said the airstrikes in Iraq's western Anbar province killed Abu Mohammed al-Soory, a.k.a Abu Samra – described as an "expert filmmaker" – as well as another "ISIS documentary filmmaker" Abu Osama al-Amriky.

Based on his name the latter appears to be a US-national, and in which case was likely involved in ISIS's slick English-language PR campaign that has drawn thousands of young western-born Muslims into its ranks.

The US is yet to comment on the reports.

The statement from the interior ministry claimed that a number of ISIS military commanders of varying nationalities were also killed in the strike, when warplanes struck a compound in the city of Qaim near Fallujah, "following the (ISIS) leaderships' meetings in a complex reconnaissance operation," according to an Al Arabiya translation.

That airstrike was the second one in a reprisal operation by Baghdad named "Operation Mustafa Al Sebhawy," after an Iraqi soldier who was captured by ISIS after being injured in battle, and hanged on a bridge in Fallujah.

"The strike was carried out by Iraqi air force fighter jets which hammered the marked targets as a T2 target, designated for ISIS foreign fighters, leading to the elimination of 28 terrorists and many more injured," the interior ministry said.

It added: "Among those killed were Abu Mohammed the Syrian, nicknamed Abu Samra, who is an ISIS filmmaking expert, Abu Osama the American who is a documentary specialist for the militant group in addition to Abu Hareth Al Shami, Abu Aicha Al Ansari who is an explosives expert, Abu Saif Al Jazrawy, a Morrocan national, Abu Hussein Al Sulaimani who was in charge of the militant group’s charity foundation, Abdullatif Jumaa Al Mohammedy who was in charge of suicide bomber operations in Fallujah."


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