Two Soldiers Critically Wounded in Fire on Base

Two IDF soldiers were critically wounded and late Sunday night after a fire broke out on their base, and remain in life-threatening condition on Monday morning.

The fire took place at the Israeli Air Force (IAF) Ramon base located in the Negev Desert, to the northwest of Mitzpe Ramon and near the kibbutz Sde Boker that Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion retired to.

The two soldiers were evacuated by helicopter to Tel Hashomer Hospital, and were suffering from burns on 70-80% of their bodies.

On Monday morning the two remain in life-threatening condition; they are undergoing treatment while on artificial respiration and under anesthesia.

The fire broke out in the soldiers' barracks on the base.

The IDF is investigating circumstances of the incident, in which a flammable material apparently caught fire for some as yet unknown reason.

Prof. Yossi Haik, director of the national unit for emergency treatment of burns, spoke about the nature of the burns suffered by the soldiers.

"We are treating them as one treats those suffering from damage to numerous bodily systems, they are currently undergoing a rejuvenation of fluids," said Haik. "There is a danger to their lives."


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