Two-states-for-two-peoples caucus head Hilik Bar to present diplomatic plan

The head of the Knesset’s caucus for two states for two peoples, Zionist Union MK Hilik Bar, will reveal his new diplomatic framework at the Knesset Monday at an event together with the head of his party, opposition leader Isaac Herzog.

Bar worked on the plan over the past two years as head of the caucus, meeting with dozens of Israeli, Palestinian, Arab and international figures and learning from them how they see the end of the conflict. The result is a framework that is 25 pages in Hebrew and is currently being translated into English.

“I worked on the framework because I’m worried the country is going toward diplomatic isolation and the end of the two-state solution,” Bar said. “I always ask the Right what they’re in favor of. My framework solves the conflict, gives the Palestinians a state, and guarantees security for Israel.”


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