UK halts funding to anti-Israel ‘charity’ promoting BDS

The British government will no longer fund the War on Want organization, following reports that the group had been fundamentally transformed from an anti-poverty charity into a front for anti-Israel activists.

Founded in 1951, the War on Want organization was initially geared towards fighting poverty around the world. Because of its humanitarian work overseas, the group received hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from the British Department for International Development (Dfid).

Over the years, however, the group gradually abandoned its emphasis on poverty, and increasingly became a front for anti-Israel radicals, including the notorious George Galloway, who once declared the city of Bradford off-limits to Israelis.

But despite the War on Want’s change in orientation, it continued to receive funds from the Dfid. According to the Telegraph, the group was given some $370,000 over the past two years alone.

That all changed, however, after this February’s “Israel Apartheid Week”, which was funded in part by the War on Want.

An expose by the UK-based Israel Advocacy Movement highlighting the War on Want’s support for the BDS movement led to a major inquiry into the ex-charity’s operations.

A report by the Telegraph revealed the War on Want’s ties to anti-Israel and anti-Semitic speakers who participated in Israel Apartheid Week events funded by the former charity.

Max Blumenthal, son of influential Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal, advocated armed attacks on Israel, calling a terrorist massacre by Hamas an “incredible message”. Blumenthal also compared Israel to the ISIS terror group, calling it “the Jewish State of Israel and the Levany, JSIL”.

Other speakers accused the British government of being a Zionist puppet regime. Some recycled conspiracy theories claiming that Israel was secretly harvesting organs from Arabs.

Almost a month after the initial expose on War on Want, the British government decided to cut funding for the group, according to a report in the Telegraph on Saturday.

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