UK Labor Party to Investigate Vile Anti-Semitic Abuse of MPs

Britain's Labor Party has said it will launch an official investigation after dozens of anti-Semitic hate messages were sent to non-Jewish MPs who criticized the front-runner in the party's leadership race.

Far-left MP Jeremy Corbyn is currently seen as favorite to be elected Labor leader, despite his disturbing links to a wide range of extremists, spanning far-right holocaust deniers, an anti-Semitic Christian minister and Islamist terrorist groups.

Those links – as well as his highly controversial leftist economic policies – have drawn criticism from the UK Jewish community and senior party figures alike.

Among his critics has been fellow Labor MP John Mann, who heads the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism. Mann, who is not Jewish, has received dozens of anti-Semitic emails and tweets over the past six week, since coming out openly against Corbyn.

Mann has retweeted a number of the abusive messages, although many of them have since been deleted by the social media company for hate-speech violations. 

The MP told the Sunday Express many of the abusers had openly expressed support for Corbyn, once more highlighting his troubling ties with extremists.

"I have very serious concerns about Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters," he said.

"I’ve received some vicious antisemitic abuse and I’m expecting the Labour Party to take action against this."

"This began six weeks ago when I challenged the membership system. I said it was crazy. This was something I’ve done several times, including in Parliament on May 10, before Corbyn was a leadership candidate," he added, referring to fears the left-wing party's lax membership system could allow extremists from both sides of the spectrum to attempt to influence the results.

"I warned the system would lead to all sort of groups joining in. It is a mad system open to abuse by everyone, from the far-right to the far-left.

"It seems I was right. I have been described as a servant of the Israeli Prime Minister, a Nazi Zionist, a Zionist scumbag. This is all because I chair the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism."

Mann claimed several other non-Jewish MPs – including leadership candidate Liz Kendall and the recently-appointed head of the party's "Friends of Israel" caucus – had received similar anti-Semitic abuse.

Many prominent Labor party officials, as well as past prime ministers, have voiced their concern that with Corbyn as leader the party would become "unelectable."

In a speech Sunday, former Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a veiled reference to Corbyn, urging party members to vote sensibly.

"I have to say that if our global alliances are going to be alliances with Hezbollah and Hamas and Hugo Chavez's Venezuela and Vladimir Putin's Russia, there is absolutely no chance of building a world-wide alliance that can deal with poverty and inequality and climate change and financial instability, and we've got to face up to that fact," he said.


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