UK: Students Set Off Fire Alarm to Disrupt Pro-Israel Speech

British students launched fierce protests outside the London School of Economics Tuesday, Channel 2 reports, during a speech being given by Israeli ambassador to Britain Daniel Taub. 

"Shame on you!" protestors shouted. "Free Palestine!"

One student bore a placard stating, "murderers not welcome at LSE." 

Taub spoke to a student group in a prestigious hotel in central London, according to Channel 2, with the talk entitled "Israel and the Middle East: challenges ahead."

A group of young men within the hall itself heckled Taub throughout the speech; one of them apparently set off the fire alarm, temporarily disrupting the event. Taub eventually returned and finished the lecture.

Taub was accompanied by a considerable security detail, since the university is known for its hostility against Israel.

Just last week there was an event organized by the University's Student Union Palestine Society, in cooperation with student feminist groups, which supported female suicide bombers against Israel. 


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