Ultra-Orthodox community ‘preparing to protest’ new Jerusalem cinema complex

The opening of the Yes Planet 16-screen cinema complex in Jerusalem this Thursday is generating increasing opposition from haredi organizations and politicians who wish to prevent the complex from opening on Shabbat as planned.

Yes Planet has built the new complex on the major Hebron Road thoroughfare outside the Abu Tor neighborhood in south Jerusalem.

A haredi organization known as the Rabbinical Committee for Shabbat Issues, comprising rabbis from all sectors of the haredi community, has been leading the opposition to the project. The group has requested that the three Councils of Torah Sages from the hassidic, non-hassidic (or “Lithuanian”) and Sephardi haredi communities deliberate on the issue and provide instructions to the haredi political parties and haredi members of the Jerusalem Municipal Council.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Ultra-Orthodox-community-preparing-to-protest-new-Jerusalem-cinema-complex-411750

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