UN Gaza Report: It’s A Disgrace

This program brings you an authoritative overview of the United Nations Human Rights Council's Commission of Enquiry into Israel's Operation Protective Edge in 2014 in Gaza.

You will hear a representative of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, A former legal advisor to that Ministry, the President of the International Jewish Association of Lawyers and Jurists as well as the former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan with a military assessment.

If you want to be informed about the shameful prejudged verdict of the Commission, tune in now.

Col. Richard Kemp                                                                             IPC

Also: A contribution from the inimitable Pat Condell.

And : Music from the Band of the IDF

Total UNHRC Condemnations, 2006-2015

Israel: 61
Syria: 15
Myanmar: 12
North Korea: 8
Iran: 5
Belarus: 4
Eritrea: 3
Sri Lanka: 3
Sudan: 2
Libya: 2
Honduras: 1
Afghanistan: 0
Algeria: 0
China: 0
Cuba: 0

Equatorial Guinea: 0
France: 0
Iraq: 0
Lebanon: 0
Russia: 0
Pakistan: 0
Somalia 0
Turkmenistan: 0
UK: 0
USA: 0
Uzbekistan: 0
Venezeula: 0
Vietnam: 0
Yemen: 0
Zimbabwe: 0

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Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/197328

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