UN Security Council Votes on Iran Deal

The UN Security Council will hold the critical vote on the Iranian nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic and the West on Monday afternoon, at 9:00 am EST (4:00 pm IST) in New York. 

Click below to watch the vote live. 

The draft resolution, deemed 2231-2015 was adopted unanimously by 15 votes in favor very soon after the meeting began.

US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power spoke praising the deal shortly thereafter, explaining that, in her view, the terms of the deal will significantly delay Iran's nuclear development to the point of preventing them from developing a nuclear weapon. 

The JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) will take effect within 90 days, she said, and sanctions will be lifted only after it is determined that Iran is compliant with the deal. 

She added that the deal proves lessons "about enforcing global norms" and "the unity of this council [i.e. the UNSC]," as well as praising the deal for "achieving objectives peacefully" vis-a-vis the Middle East without resorting to war.

Power also said that the US will continue to invest in the security of its regional allies and enact its own sanctions against Iran, over protest over its human rights violations and targeting of the US and Israel. She called on Iran to release American captives. 

"Implementation is everything," Power added, and called on the UN and other international organizations to be strict about ensuring that Iran complies with the deal, explaining that it is critical for world security. 

Power concluded by urging the UN to apply similar global measures and "the same political will" to other world conflicts, specifically Syria. 

Anticipation is high ahead of the vote, after New Zealand announced Friday that the vote would be held "under silence."

In an “under silence” adoption procedure, instead of the UNSC holding a normal positive vote, the motion that is set for adoption “under silence” is deemed automatically adopted unless a party specifically objects to the motion. 

This “under silence” procedure would put the onus on Israel to be the first, and possibly the only, objector to the UNSC’s adoption of the Iran deal.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/198377

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