UN sets Yemen peace talks date; Saudi coalition hits rebels

The United Nations set the date for peace talks on Yemen for next week in Geneva, while the Saudi-led coalition on Wednesday bombed Shiite rebels in at least five of the country’s northern provinces. It was not immediately clear who might represent the warring factions at the talks. The internationally recognized government of Yemeni

President Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi, now in exile in Saudi Arabia, has demanded that the rebels, known as Houthis, first pull out of towns and cities, including the capital, Sanaa, which they captured in a power grab that started last year. In a statement, the UN said it would host the talks in Switzerland, starting on May 28. UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged all parties to engage “without pre-conditions,” stressing the only way to resolve Yemen’s conflict is an “inclusive, negotiated political settlement.” A spokesman for Ban said he was expected to attend the start of the talks.

via ynetnews.com

Source: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4659773,00.html

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