Undercover police nab burglars trying to rob IDF soldiers of rifles

A crew of burglars who stalked IDF soldiers on weekend leave in order to steal their service rifles was indicted this week, almost a month after they were busted in a police operation involving cops dressed in IDF uniforms and a safe house rented in Zichron Yaakov to snare the suspects.

The suspects, named as Abed Al Rahman Mahmiad, 39, and Khaled Gazayel, 20, both from Kfar Kara and Ahmed Yunes, 21, and Karam Masade, 20, both from Arara, were indicted on Thursday by the Haifa District Court and face a series of weapons charges as well as conspiracy and breaking and entering.

The indictment states that the men would stake out the train station in Benyamina every weekend for over a month this spring, and would follow soldiers on weekend leave carrying their service rifles. They would follow the soldiers all the way to their homes and then allegedly return later to break in and steal the rifles.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Undercover-police-nab-burglars-trying-to-rob-IDF-soldiers-of-rifles-410042

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