Underlining US support from both parties, PM meets second bipartisan Congressional group

Amid concerns that Israel is increasingly becoming a partisan political issue in the US, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met for the second day in a row on Tuesday with a bipartisan Congressional delegation and stressed that support for a strong Israel-US relationship crosses party lines.

"The support and the alliance with the United States is a foundation of our national security,” Netanyahu said at the start of the meeting with the delegation made up primarily of members of the House Homeland Security Committee. .

“It’s a bipartisan position,” he added. “It’s also bipartisan here. I think there’s complete unanimity about the importance of the relationship with the United States."

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Underlining-US-support-from-both-parties-PM-meets-second-bipartisan-Congressional-group-402179

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