US base draws IS fire, 2 days after IS kills Marine

Washington – A U.S. base in northern Iraq came under attack from Islamic State again, and even drew a threat from an Iran-backed Shi’ite militia, on Monday 

The attack comes two days after a U.S. Marine there was killed in a rocket attack.

Firebase Bell is the first independent U.S. base of its kind in Iraq since the return of US forces to the country, and is the latest sign of deepening U.S. military involvement in the conflict. Bell’s existence was meant to be kept secret until it was deemed operational, but Islamic State learned of the U.S. presence before the American public did. The Sunni militant group launched an attack with Katyusha rockets, killing Marine Staff Sergeant Louis Cardin and injuring others in Cardin’s company-sized detachment of less than 200 troops on March 19.



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