US bill to expand law on monitoring travel in and out of Iran

US Congresswoman Grace Meng (D-NY) and Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY), both members of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, introduced a new bill which seeks to expand an existing US law which monitors certain ships and airlines that enter and exit Iran.

If passed, the law would force the President to report to Congress annually regarding which foreign ships enter Iranian sea ports owned by authorized bodies, and which foreign airports gave Iranian airplanes permission to use.

The current law is in effect until December 31st, but the new law, as promoted by members of Congress Meng and Zeldin, would extend the actions enabled by the law by an additional three years.

Both members of Congress promoting the bill spoke of the importance of expanding existing monitoring of travel to and from Iran.

“This law is critical to maintaining oversight of existing sanctioned entities in Iran,” said Meng. “It is essential to tracking who is going into and coming out of Iran and where these vessels and airplanes go before and after their stops in the Islamic Republic. Following their path allows us to better scrutinize their activities to ensure that Iran is not trading illicit and dangerous materials. We must continue to hold sanctioned Iranian entities accountable and passing this bill will assure Congress that existing sanctions are being enforced.”

“With bipartisan support in Congress, the House should act quickly to pass H.R. 4633 (the law),” said Zeldin. “This bill renews a critical U.S. law to monitor and track ships and airlines traveling in and out of Iran. As Iran’s regime is still under a slew of sanctions and cannot be trusted, we must use all of the tools at our disposal to hold Iran accountable for its dangerous behavior."

The bill has been presented to the Foreign Affairs Committee.


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