US bombing of Islamic State rebels surged in July

WASHINGTON – The US bombing campaign against Islamic State rebels surged in July as Kurdish fighters pushed into territory held by the militant group in Syria and Iraqi forces prepared an offensive to retake strategic northwestern cities, Pentagon figures showed.

The US military spent an average of $4.6 million per day on bombs and other munitions between July 15 and July 31, nearly double the daily average of $2.33 million spent in the previous month. Lieutenant Commander Kyle Raines, a spokesman for US Central Command, said the number of bombs and other munitions used in July increased by 67 percent over the previous month, jumping from 1,686 to 2,829. One defense official said the late July bombing was the second most intense since the campaign started a year ago, topped only by a two-week period in September when the US-led coalition began operations in Syria.



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