US confirms: More Guantanamo prisoners returned to fighting

The US has acknowledged that 12 former Guantanamo Bay prisoners released by President Barack Obama are suspected of again fighting for terrorist groups. This is twice the number who were doing so by last July.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) releases a report on the status of Guantanamo prisoners every six months. According to the latest figures, 144 prisoners have been released since Obama was sworn in to office in 2009, seven of whom returned to their terror organizations. Another five are suspected of taking up their old ways. The report does not state where they are fighting or with which group.

At the same time, 111 out of the 532 prisoners who were freed under President George Bush's watch are confirmed to have resumed fighting, while another 74 are suspected of doing so.

Reuters reports that this information could harm Obama's efforts to close the US base, a frequent promise he made during his first campaign in 2008. The base, which is located in Cuba, has been used to hold enemy combatants caught in Afghanistan and Iraq, most of whom have been there for years without a trial. Critics have frequently claimed that the detainees are tortured.

According to Obama's latest plan, the remaining prisoners will be transfered to maximum-security prisons on US soil. Republicans, including presidential candidate Marco Rubio, oppose the plan. In response, Obama has threatened to use an executive action to get his way.


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