US Military jury sentences Marine convicted of Iraq murder to time served

A U.S. Marine convicted of the 2006 murder of a former Iraqi police officer was sentenced on Thursday to time he had already served in confinement, in a decision by a military jury at Camp Pendleton in California. The jury also gave Marine Sergeant Lawrence Hutchins III a bad-conduct discharge from the Marine Corps. He had served about seven years in confinement and had faced a possible sentence of four more years. After the killing in Iraq came to light, then-U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus called it a “cold-blooded murder”. On Wednesday, the military jury at the Southern California base found Hutchins guilty of murder, conspiracy and larceny but acquitted him of a charge of making false statements. Defense attorney Christopher Oprison said Hutchins’ family welcomed the sentence because he does not have to serve any more time in the brig.



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