US student arrested in attack on Muslim woman

A 19-year-old Indiana University student accused in a racially motivated attack on a Muslim woman says he had been drinking alcohol and had not taken his anti-anxiety medication prior to the incident. Court records show Triceten D. Bickford faces multiple felony charges including intimidation, strangulation and battery in the Saturday

evening attack in a cafe in Bloomington, Indiana. He was released on $500 bond and returned to class Monday. A city police report says officers responded to reports of an assault at a cafe around 7:30 p.m. Saturday. The report says a 47-year-old woman was sitting at a table with her 9-year-old daughter when a man shouted epithets and racially charged threats at the woman, including “white power” and “kill them all.” According to the report, the man then grabbed the woman by the neck and forced her head toward the table, restricting her breathing while trying to take off her headscarf. The report says her husband and passers-by were able to pull the man off and restrained him on the sidewalk until police arrived.



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