US warns about ‘credible threats’ of terror attacks in Turkey

The US has released a travel warning for Turkey, a day after Israel advised its citizens to "immediately" leave the country.

While the US's statement does not instruct tourists to get out of Turkey as soon as possible, it urges US citizens to take "extreme caution" around possible terror targets.

"The U.S. Mission in Turkey would like to inform U.S. citizens that there are credible threats to tourist areas, in particular to public squares and docks in Istanbul and Antalya," it reads. "Please exercise extreme caution if you are in the vicinity of such areas. For your personal safety, we urge you to monitor local media."

Israel has released three travel warnings about Turkey over the past two weeks. Three weeks ago, an ISIS suicide bomber murdered three Israeli tourists and an Iranian man. Turkish media reported that the terrorist specifically targeted his Israeli victims.


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