Use Iran deal to prevent nuclear weapons free-for-all, treaty body says

VIENNA – The head of the body trying to secure ratification of a global ban on nuclear testing urged world leaders on Monday to use the momentum of an atomic deal with Iran to prevent a slide towards a nuclear weapons free-for-all. More than 160 countries have ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) since it was finished in 1996. But since then,

India, Pakistan and North Korea have all conducted nuclear tests, and are among eight countries including the United States and China blocking its entry into force. Lassina Zerbo said the near two-year diplomatic marathon that agreed curbs on Iran’s nuclear program, featuring all five of the UN Security Council’s veto-wielding nuclear powers, showed what could be done with enough effort. “I think it’s about time that they used a similar model of discussion like what happened in the Iran deal to reflect on the future of the CTBT – if any,” said Zerbo, whose CTBT Organisation is holding a conference next month to try to encourage ratification.



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