Video: Islamic State threatens to kill Croatian in Egypt

A purported Islamic State group video released Wednesday threatened to kill a Croatian hostage if Egyptian authorities do not release “Muslim women” held in prison within 48 hours, a day before the country plans to unveil a highly promoted new extension of the Suez Canal. The video, circulated on social media by Islamic State sympathizers, shows a man wearing a yellow jumpsuit kneeling in the desert before

a knife-wielding masked man in military fatigues. An Islamic State flag flutters next to him and the video identifies it as coming from the Islamic State affiliate in Egypt’s lawless Sinai Peninsula. Reading calmly from a note in English, the man identifies himself as Tomislav Salopek, a married, 30-year-old father of two, adding that Islamic State fighters captured him on July 22. If Egyptian authorities do not act, he said, “the soldiers from Wilyat Sina will kill me.” Wilyat Sina is the Arabic phrase for the Egyptian group calling itself the Sinai Province of the Islamic State.



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