Voice of Israel English-language radio closes after first year

“We were in the back seat of the car when a train hit the front head on.”

That was how Mottle Wolfe described the feeling when he found out his beloved radio station, where he hosted a daily show, was about to be shuttered. “I’m not angry at anybody. This wasn’t anybody’s fault. Could the leadership have been better? Maybe, yes. But if they were better, they wouldn’t have done this in the first place; it takes reckless dreamers to pull off things this great that are a long shot.”

Wolfe, whose show is available on iTunes, is looking to the future along with around 32 employees of Voice of Israel.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Voice-of-Israel-English-language-radio-closes-after-first-year-413157

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