Watch: Arab Caught Trying to Break into Northern Town


Border Guards on Wednesday managed to prevent an Arab from breaking into a Jewish town. The patrol caught the Arab as he tried to climb over the security fence surrounding the town of Ram-on, in northern Israel.

The town borders Palestinian Authority-controlled areas in Samaria, which is apparently where the intruder cam from. Border Guards, using advanced surveillance equipment, spotted the terrorist as he wandered suspiciously through fields near the town.

The Arab began trying to enter the town, and the border guards shouted at him. Aware that he had been spotted, the Arab backed away, and tried to flee. The guards then opened pursuit, capturing and subduing him.

The Arab, who turned out to be a resident of a village near Jenin, was carrying several weapons, including knives, as well as equipment including flashlights, screwdrivers, and other equipment that a thief would use to break into a house. Police are questioning him, seeking to discover whether his intentions were criminal or nationalistic.


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